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Maintaining Glass Balustrades: Tips to Eliminate Various Scratches

Living in a household involves going through day-by-day situations that could end up affecting the condition of your well-kept space. It’s often inevitable, especially if you live with growing children that will stop at nothing to explore every nook and cranny of your beloved home.

Simultaneously, you can’t always keep track of your house’s upkeep because you have other things to do, like going to work, bonding with your family, and spending your free time wisely. While it can’t be helped for the components of your house to undergo scratches, marks, and other various damage, it can often lead to expenses that do not look good on your savings.

When you install glass stair railings to complete the interior of your lovely home, you will naturally want to keep them pristine and untouched for the years to come. But at the first sign of trouble, you should work on getting rid of the scratches or lines immediately to prevent the situation from worsening! 

Keep reading below to find out how to deal with unwanted markings on your precious balustrades.

Managing Minor Scratches

Use Toothpaste

Besides keeping your oral hygiene clean, toothpaste holds plenty of benefits, from helping treat acne to removing scrapes off your glass balustrades. Remember to choose a clear whitening paste and avoid gel at all costs!

All you have to do is squeeze a tiny dollop of toothpaste onto a soft clean cloth and wipe it over the marks on the glass. Avoid pressing against the surface too harshly or rubbing it around in circles, or the toothpaste will end up in between the glass scratches and will be harder to fix.

Apply Baking Soda

Another essential product you can use to take care of glass scratches is baking soda, which you will have to mix in with an equal amount of water. Take a tablespoon of each product, combine them in a bowl until they reach a creamy texture, and start applying them to the affected area.

You might have to rub the formula on the scratches longer, depending on how many marks are present. Don’t forget to remove it afterwards with a warm damp cloth, and be careful not to leave any traces behind because it could dry up over time and cause your glass balustrades to look dirty.  

Handling Major Scratches

Get a Glass Repair Kit

When the scratches on your modern glass stair railings still won’t come off, you may have to skip the DIY products and opt to buy a glass repair kit instead. If you’ve never tried to fix glass before, it’s best to seek an expert’s help to guarantee your efforts don’t go to waste.

Besides following the instructions provided on the pack, you may need to grab a sanding disc and rub it over the significant scratches to give you an easier time eliminating them. If you’re lucky, the glass marks could end up disappearing even before you have to utilise the glass repair kit.


Glass balustrades will require your care and attention to ensure they maintain their excellent condition. However, you can’t always keep an eye on them at all times of the day. If they acquire scratches and marks, you can still try to save your glass by using the tips mentioned above. If none of the methods works, the best thing to do is let a professional take over and oversee the necessary actions to save your glass balustrades from falling apart. 

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