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Framed vs. Frameless Glass Balustrades: What’s Best For You?

After months (or years) of saving up, you’ve finally afforded yourself the opportunity to renovate your home and transform it into the abode of your dreams. 

Considering that your dreams are coming to life and you’re on the verge of reaping the rewards of your sacrifices and patience, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed. Now that you can finally say “I’m going to” instead of “I hope to” when thinking about the various improvements you’re going to make, there’s one question that you’ll need to answer first: what should you spend on first?

Well, here are two suggestions for you: framed and frameless glass balustrades.

Why it’s best to start with balustrades

Although the term “balustrade” itself may be unfamiliar to some people, this doesn’t reduce the fact that it’s one of the most exciting improvements that anyone can invest in for their home. While they may seem relatively straightforward at first because they’re only made of one material, there is far more than meets the eye with these feats of design because they’re a seamless blend between durability and style. 

When used correctly, these features will make the most significant difference in the overall look and feel of a home because they give a distinct sense of beauty and elegance to any home. On top of their aesthetic appeal and impact, glass balustrades are also worth considering more than any other home improvement option because they’re the most accessible fixtures to clean and maintain! 

Telling the two options apart

At this point, it’s probably safe to say that you’re already convinced that a glass balustrade is the easiest choice for your home improvement project. However, choosing between a framed and frameless setup is another story if you aren’t entirely sure of which option suits your needs and preferences best and what you can look forward to with each option. 

To help ensure that you end up with the right option that you’ll never regret spending your hard-earned money on, here’s a quick guide to framed and frameless glass balustrades:

Framed glass balustrades

Framed glass balustrades are a balustrade that features three primary components: glass panels, a rigid alloy frame, and additional supporting materials.

Best features: Best used for areas that flourish with a more classic appeal and conservative design approach, these standard glass options are a must-have for homes and properties that are somewhat dated or follow an older style. Alongside the vintage appeal that this fixture offers, another strong point of framed glass balustrades is their lower need for structural integrity because of their steel supports, which is why they can use thinner glass panels.

Pricing: When pricing, the average framed glass balustrade is more cost-effective than its frameless counterpart. These options are more affordable because they use more traditional materials that require less intricate engineering and feature more commonly available easy-to-manufacture supporting parts!

Frameless glass balustrades

Over the years, frameless glass balustrades have become one of the hottest home improvement investments (and one of Glass FX’s highest-selling products) because of the revitalised look and appeal. 

Best features:
When you decide to go for a frameless glass balustrade, you’re investing in an option that’s guaranteed to lend a more modern and elegant look that is widely used in contemporary design and architecture. Because it does without a structural frame and has less intrusion in its design, this option renders a more minimalist and high-end appeal that is widely described as a “limitless” finish of sorts!

Pricing: Given that frameless glass balustrades use newer spigot systems and standoffs that are more intricate and use a specially manufactured type of glass, you’ll likely pay more than you would with a framed option!

Which option is better?

Ultimately, choosing between a framed and frameless glass balustrade for your home isn’t an objective matter with a right and wrong answer, as it all depends on the subjectiveness of your preferences. If you don’t know which option to choose, then there’s no need to worry because Glass FX’s experts are more than happy to consult with you by using our years of training and expertise!


Amid the different upgrades that you can purchase for your home improvement project, it’s always worth giving glass balustrades proper thought. If you want to provide your home with a refined aesthetic that can help it flourish with one of the best modern contemporary design features, then take this as a sign to purchase framed or frameless glass balustrades today!

Glass FX takes immense pride in manufacturing and installing highly-acclaimed residential glass balustrades in Brisbane. Get in touch with us today to receive a free quote!

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