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How to Apply Modern Interior Design to Your Kitchen

Clean lines, monochromatic colour schemes, natural light, natural elements, and minimalism are the characteristics of a modern interior design. Many like modern interior design because of its spaciousness, the light it allows in the home, and its clean aesthetic.

How can you implement modern interior design principles into your kitchen as a homeowner? Here are some tips for you.

Go Neutral

One hallmark of modern interior design is its preference for neutral colours. They are muted shades, including white, beige, cream, brown, and black.

White is the most popular kitchen colour choice for modern kitchens. Not only does white look cleaner and more hygienic, but it also makes the space brighter and more spacious.

Welcome the Natural Light

Modern designs like to let a lot of natural light into a space. That is why big, glass kitchen windows are also common occurrences in modern kitchen designs. When multiple windows are not possible, some designers strategically place a single window.

If adding windows is not an option for you, lighting fixtures made from steel, chrome, or glass fit the style perfectly. You can use hanging pendant lights over kitchen islands with sparse recessed fixtures for additional ambient lighting when needed.

Mind Your Edges

Having clean lines is one of the most notable characteristics of modern interior decorating. Select those with straight lines in choosing countertops, kitchen island designs, and kitchen furnishings.

You can add stools and light fixtures that do not have many straight lines to provide a little whimsy design to your interior. Even if these fixtures and furnishings are made of natural materials or have a reflective finish, they still satisfy the modern kitchen design brief.

Protect and Reflect

Glass is a material of choice for modern kitchens. The material looks sleek and modern and appears more hygienic, so long as you clean it properly.

Glass kitchen splashbacks are great additions to a modern kitchen. They can protect your wall from grease, heat, and steam coming from your cooking. They also look fantastic, ultimately providing more value to your kitchen.

Choose Sleek

Stainless steel and chrome are other materials that modern interiors prize. They may look reflective and surgical, but when you add them sparingly or apply them as fixture and furnishing finishes, they can live harmoniously with the rest of your space’s design.

To incorporate chrome and stainless steel in your kitchen design, try adding these elements as appliances. Stainless steel refrigerators, ovens, or range hoods look amazing in a modern kitchen while being easy to clean at the same time.

Counteract with Countertop Choices

Stainless steel countertops and sinks hit the modern kitchen brief on its head. However, most kitchens following this design brief opt for granite countertops.

Granite is not strictly a material for modern interior design. But the straight horizontal lines that granite countertops sport and their neutral colour makes them the perfect element to bring a little warmth to an otherwise cold kitchen.


The kitchen is the heart of any home. But applying modern interior design principles to the space can transform your kitchen into a stylish hub of activity. 

Using neutral colours, setting up pendant lights, installing glass kitchen splashbacks, adding stainless steel appliances, and utilising granite countertops gives your kitchen a modern flair. We can discuss interior design all you want, but at the end of the day, the best kitchen design is the one you like and makes you feel most comfortable.

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