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Glass Shower Doors 101: How Do I Take Care of Them?

Glass shower doors add an impact to the look and feel of a bathroom. Whether you choose to install a frameless or semi-frameless design, a glass shower door can make the bathroom more elegant and stylish. However, its overall appeal doesn’t rely solely on your chosen design. You should also learn how to care for and maintain it properly.

A common issue found on glass shower doors is that it doesn’t look the same as when installed. It may look dirty and unclear, and the beauty it previously radiates can no longer be found. Of course, you want your shower doors to look great for a long time, and the only solution for this is to take care of them properly.

How to Take Care of your Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are not hard to maintain. With the following tips, you can keep your glass shower doors sparkling clean always.

  • Clean your shower after use

Just had a warm shower? Using warm water or steam can already start loosening the dirt and grime. Therefore, it can help you save time in cleaning your shower. 

  • Use a glass shower cleaning solution

Keep your glass sparkling clean by using simple yet effective cleaning ingredients. An example is a mix of salt, vinegar and baking soda. This is proven effective in getting rid of dirt when doing the cleaning job.

Fill a clean spray bottle containing the white vinegar and spray it on your glass shower doors. Using a separate container, combine the same amount of salt and baking soda until a mixture of paste is formed. Then, apply the salt and baking soda solution to the shower doors using a wet sponge and water stains. You’ll be surprised how soap scum will vanish so quickly! Make sure to rinse the whole glass door after.

  • Get rid of soap scum

One thing that you least likely to see on your shower glass doors is soap scum. Since they generally contain talc, what you can do to prevent this from accumulating is to use talc-free body wash and bar soap. When you do that, you will notice a significant change in how your shower will look. 

  • Maintain the shower track

You might be too focused on cleaning your glass shower doors that you seem to forget that other areas need attention. In case you have installed frame sliding glass shower doors, you need to make sure that the shower tracks are also cleaned thoroughly. When failed to maintain regularly, dirt and grime may accumulate, and as time goes by, they become more challenging to remove.

Cleaning your shower tracks requires plugging any openings or drains in them. Using vinegar solution can also be another idea to do this. Just fill the tracks with vinegar and leave it there overnight. You can remove the plugs the next day, and you’ll see a significant difference. For some spots that remained, use a brush to remove them.


Many homeowners choose shower glass doors because they can give a gorgeous look to the bathroom. They can make the bathroom more appealing, modern and attractive. It is also vital to get quality glass doors to be installed in any part of your home. With that, you should find a reliable company offering top-notch glass door products.

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