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How to Keep Your Shower Glass Clean for a Sparkling Bathroom

There’s nothing like glass to enhance the interior of your shower! Given the eternally beautiful characteristics of glass, you’re sure to enjoy showering and pampering yourself in the bathroom. However, although none can deny the beauty of shower glass, it’s crucial to remember that it won’t stay pristine if you don’t care for it regularly.

Since shower glass constantly gets wet, it’s exposed to various substances that could cause buildup and stains, which affect its appearance. Sure, mould and water stains don’t stop you from getting a shower, but they can significantly impact your shower’s appearance!

If you want to keep your shower glass and the rest of your bathroom looking nice and clean, follow our tips below:

1. Use the Right Cleaning Equipment

A towel may do an excellent job of soaking up the water from your shower glass panels, but that’s not enough! Cleaning your shower doors is more than keeping them dry—you must clean them using the right equipment to avoid mould and mildew.

A squeegee is perfect for wiping down the glass after every shower, as it ensures that no moisture is left to foster the growth of bacteria in your bathroom. To eliminate the chances of mildew growth, make sure to start from the top corner and drag the squeegee blade down along the glass.

Having to squeeze your shower glass after every shower may be a bit tiring to do, but it is worth it! 

2. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining clean shower glass requires consistency; a one-time deep clean won’t last forever. The more often you use your bathroom, the sooner mildew and mould will grow, making for a dirty and unsightly place to take care of yourself.

Deep cleaning shower glass takes a lot of time and effort, but you won’t have to do it often if you keep up with light maintenance. As long as you follow a shower cleaning schedule, you’ll be able to enjoy a clean shower without resorting to activities that take too much work.

Wiping down the shower glass with a squeegee after every shower helps keep mildew and mould at bay, but you must remember to give the entire shower a wipe-down every week using a foam cleaning pad or sponge. Once a month, remember to thoroughly scrub your entire shower, including the nooks and crannies.

3. Install a Water Softener

Not all water is suitable for your family or your home! When your water is heavily mineralized, it can leave deposits in appliances such as faucets and fixtures, affect the health of your skin and hair and cause mineral buildup on your shower glass.

Although installing a water softener for your shower is quite an expensive option, it ensures that you’ll have good water to drink and maintains the quality of your shower glass.


Installing a glass panel for your shower is one of the best things you can ever do to make your bathroom look beautiful! However, as with other beautiful things, it takes great responsibility to maintain their appearance. Remember to clean your shower glass panels regularly so that you can enjoy your shower every time!

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