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Framed Shower Glass Door Maintenance 101: A Care Guide

When getting a glass shower enclosure, homeowners have the option to choose between a frameless and fully framed one. While some prefer the modern vibe of a frameless shower door, a framed one fits better in more traditional-looking bathrooms. It also provides better insulation and a more watertight solution.

If you decide to install a framed shower door, it’s essential to acknowledge that it requires a little more care than a frameless screen. Here are some tips for maintaining its tip-top condition:

Choose the Right Cleaning Products

Some cleaning products can be too harsh for your fully framed shower screen. Choose something gentle instead to clean it efficiently while protecting its quality. For instance, go for natural cleaning solutions such as a mixture of water and vinegar. If you want a commercially available one, buy products specifically designed for cleaning showers.

Schedule Regular and Seasonal Cleaning 

Every homeowner knows they need to clean their bathroom regularly, but many have no idea how often they should clean their shower door. To avoid stubborn stains and get rid of water streaks, consider cleaning the shower door every day. 

Daily cleaning sounds tedious and bothersome. However, it’s easy since it only requires wiping the frame with a soft cloth and cleaning the glass with a squeegee. If you prefer to clean weekly, use the right cleaning product or a vinegar and water mixture.

Besides regular cleaning, your screen door needs a more thorough cleaning once or twice a year. Scheduling a seasonal cleaning session gets rid of stains or prevents limescale buildup. To avoid damaging the frame and screen, choose gentle cleaning products that don’t contain abrasive ingredients.

Remove Mould and Mildew

Besides stains, homeowners have to deal with mould and mildew around their framed shower door’s rubber seals. Thankfully, there are commercially available products designed to remove mould and mildew. But before using them, take the time to read the label and make sure they are suitable for your shower screen. This way, further damage can be avoided. 

Eliminate Scratches

Frames of shower doors are prone to scratches. To avoid or get rid of blemishes, take good care of your shower screen or use metal polish or any product designed to repair the surface. Remember not to use it too often and remove it entirely by washing it off thoroughly with clean water. 

Handle with Care

Cleaning isn’t the only way to maintain the excellent condition of your fully framed shower door. It’s also vital to avoid causing any unnecessary damage and treat it appropriately. To do this, open and close the door gently. Avoid slamming it or hanging heavy items on the screen to prevent unnecessary pressure on its hinges or joints. Additionally, don’t use abrasive cleaners to avoid scratching or damaging the frame or shower glass.


If you are giving your bathroom an upgrade, installing a framed glass shower door is an excellent option. Its heavy-duty aluminium frame can even be customised to fit your bathroom’s look and feel. Unfortunately, this metal can rust over time. Excess moisture and soap scum could also cause mildew buildup. To clean it properly, follow this care guide.

If you prefer something that requires less maintenance, opt for a frameless glass shower door. At GlassFX, we provide frameless shower screens using ten-millimetre toughened glass panels. Contact us to learn more about what we offer in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast!

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