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5 Helpful Tips to Get Grease Off a Glass Splashback

When designing your kitchen, you have to have the right balance of style and function. Splashbacks are an excellent example of enhancing the kitchen’s style while serving an important purpose.

The kitchen splashback is installed to protect your walls from splashes and splatter when cooking. It also often adds a layer of heat protection for your walls as you use the stove.

Splashbacks can also be used as a statement piece for your kitchen. You can bring some colour to a neutral kitchen with a vibrant splashback. Or perhaps create a unique look for a more modern kitchen. 

Glass Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

One great option for a kitchen splashback is glass. Not only will a glass splashback bring in an air of class and elegance to your kitchen, but the glass surface also makes it easy to clean. However, like all kitchen splashbacks, they can get dirty over time without regular cleaning. If you want to keep your glass splashback clean for a gorgeous kitchen, here are a few tips.

1. Wipe Away Splatters Immediately

One way to prevent a dirty kitchen splashback is through regularly cleaning it. Make a habit of wiping away the splatters of grease after every time you cook. When you let the grease sit there for a while, it can end up being sticky and tricky to clean.

2. Use Non-Abrasive Cleaners

Sometimes, you’ll encounter hard-to-remove stains. For this case, it’s essential to use non-abrasive cleaners instead of metal-based ones as the latter is bad for glass. 

One non-abrasive cleaner you’re sure to have on hand is some dish detergent. Put a small amount on a lint-free cloth and gently rub it on the stain in a circular motion. Then, in a side to side motion, use a damp cloth to wipe it off. 

3. Use a Glass Cleaner

If you want to bring back the shine to your beautiful glass splashback, a glass cleaner is the way to go. You may use a commercial cleaner, but they can tend to smear. Another option is to fill a spray bottle with 80 per cent water and 20 per cent white vinegar. Spray the solution on the glass and buff the splashback with a paper towel.

4. Use an Extraction Fan

Sometimes, the best way to ensure a clean kitchen splashback is through prevention. An extraction fan with a good filter can help trap grease, keeping your splashback nice and clean.

5. Try Other Kitchen Gadgets

There are tons of kitchen gadgets out there that are designed to minimise oil splatters. These can come in handy, especially if you tend to fry a lot of things. By reducing the splatter, these gadgets can help you keep that gorgeous flash splashback clean and shiny.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen splashbacks aren’t just for aesthetic purposes. They also protect your walls from grease splatters and splashes. However, over time, your stunning glass splashback could get dirty from the accumulated grease. It’s best to minimise oil splatters with the right kitchen tools and develop a habit of cleaning the splashback after every cooking session. And when cleaning your glass splashback, it’s best to use non-abrasive cleaners and a homemade glass cleaner solution to get that shine back.

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