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The Advantages of Having Glass Balustrades in Your Home

Glass balustrades can be considered a type of niche home design for some. Some see them enhance the aesthetics of their home, while some think that they are better off with steel railings. 

Glass balustrades can indeed be an acquired taste when it comes to indoor home designs, which is why it isn’t surprising that most people may underestimate their benefits at first glance. The thing about glass balustrades is that they defy the word fragile. While most glass materials can be deemed unfit as a home amenity, keep in mind that some may also fit the overall context of your blueprint. 

Say what you will about glass materials, but they can be sturdy as long as they are correctly implemented within the plans of a competent architect. You can very much say the same thing about glass balustrades since they are supported mainly by metal brackets, a factor that sets them in place no matter what. Here’s what else to know about them.

The Benefits of Glass Balustrades

Apart from being sturdy, there are other advantages to having glass balustrades in your home. The following are some of the most common examples of these benefits.

1. They Provide Safety and Security

Just because they’re made of glass doesn’t mean that they may easily break. Most modern balustrades are made up of tempered glass, a stronger variant that can take massive amounts of force before suffering from a crack. You no longer have to worry about your kids or older family members leaning on them since they’ll be able to hold up their weight well enough to prevent them from falling off.

2. They Provide an Unrestricted View of Your Surroundings

A balcony with glass balustrades would not only secure you from any fatal fall outwards, but it would also give you a clear view of whoever is ringing your doorbell from the outside. You will also be able to see guests or neighbours from a few meters away, even strangers who may arouse your suspicion.

3. They Enable Light to Pass Through Them

This may seem like an aesthetic advantage, but better lighting focuses more on the safety aspect of your stairs. If they were fitted with glass balustrades instead of dark, wooden materials, then the light would pass through them, illuminating each flight of stairs for you and your family members. This would provide maximum visibility for everyone that goes up and down the stairs, keeping them safe from any trips or falls.


Glass balustrades may seem to lean more on the fragile and luxurious side of things, but remember that they have been chiefly designed for your safety and security. They are sturdy enough to prevent any falls, as well as practical enough to make your flight of stairs safer and more visible. Invest in them, have them installed, and live a life free from any worries and accidents.

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