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Reminders for Finding the Right Pool Fence Supplier

If you have children at home or want your pool safer for everyone, a pool fence can keep children from entering the premises unsupervised. The pool fence can serve as accident prevention. It is ideal if you are dealing with a space with many children or a place open to pets. Aside from added safety, it is also an added privacy, allowing you to enjoy your pool experience away from prying eyes. 

In Australia, it is mandatory if your pool has a depth of 30 cm or more that you must have a barrier and register your pool to the council in your area. Unfortunately, finding a pool barrier supplier can be challenging. If you want your pool to be safe and secure, you need to find the appropriate supplier that adheres to the dos and don’ts. 

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a pool fencing product supplier:

Always Check Reviews or Conduct Research About Your Provider

You should not settle for good-looking materials. It would be best to make sure that the company has a good reputation. An online background check is always the fastest way to gauge public opinion about a particular company, product, or service.

If you want a more reliable approach, you can always talk to your supplier directly. The good ones will be more than willing to address your concerns. They may even provide you with the contact information of past customers to prove their confidence in their work. 

Do Not Forget to Check If the Production Has a Reputable Facility

There are two kinds of materials preferred in a pool fence: steel and glass.

If you are considering materials made from steel, you will come across many types. However, if you want the best, you need to look for the highest steel grade available. Usually, this is the stainless steel in 2205 duplex grande. This product, in particular, lowers the chance of contamination in your pool.

If you are looking into glass, you should know that glass manufacturers produce two kinds. One is for exporting purposes (which is the better option), while the rest are for local market use, which is slightly lower.

Make Sure Your Provider Complies to the Latest Pool Fencing Regulations

Regulations will change and improve for everyone’s benefit. That is why all suppliers should stay updated with the latest and adhere to them. The only way you can ensure that your supplier does their job is to know the regulations yourself. By understanding these regulations, you can countercheck if your provider does their part and take the lead on complying with the rules.

Confirm the Warranty of Your Material Purchase and Installation Service

A pool fence should provide a warranty and gate fitment adjustment inclusion. After all, pool fences need some time to settle in. Sometimes, it may take months. Don’t expect them to be a perfect fit from the start. 

Your installers should provide you with check-ups and free adjustment later or as needed because pool fences always work, like mentioned, regardless of the material you chose. Ensure you confirm this verbally and in writing, so you have nothing to worry about in the future. 


If you need to get a pool fence for your property, settling for beautiful-looking ones will not save you from future problems. You need to get the best materials from quality providers and qualified contractors to make a good investment. Do your research before you settle, and ensure that your pool fence has a warranty before letting go of your contractors. 

If you need a glass pool safety fence for your home or commercial property, you can trust us with your quality materials and service. We design and create frameless glass panels using 10 and 12 mm toughened glass with a range of quality fittings to suit every job and comply with Australian standards. Contact us at 0438 640 541 if you have any enquiries. 

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