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Why Consider Glass Splashbacks for Your Modern Kitchen

No matter what style a house is, the very heart remains the same. Whether you live in a modern apartment or a traditional one-storey or two-storey home, there’s no doubt the central part is the kitchen. Just like it’s important to keep the heart healthy, it’s key to ensure your kitchen functions well. Contrary to popular belief, high functionality in a kitchen doesn’t mean sacrificing style or sticking to an industrial or all-steel look. Even the quirkiest of takes on a home—which sometimes leads to off-beat, non-traditional kitchen styles—will benefit from a splashback, too.

Are you planning to get your kitchen renovated? Don’t skip out on getting a glass backsplash (also known as a splashback). Simply put, it’s solid glass installed on kitchen walls by the cooker’s perimeter. That way, any splashes from the overall cooking process don’t end up on the kitchen wall proper. Primarily, it is meant as a means of protection; however, several other benefits come with it.

Read on to learn what makes glass splashbacks necessary for modern kitchens:

You’ll Have an Easier Time Cleaning

Since glass splashbacks are essentially a singular panel, cleaning is convenient. It’s helpful, especially when compared to cleaning discoloured grouting, which can take hours. Additionally, a tiled splashback’s surface is usually uneven; glass ones are more hygienic. 

Cleaning glass requires no professional assistance either: wipe with a damp cloth and buff. That’s all it takes. Should stubborn stains somehow appear, a glass cleaner will come in handy.

You Can Protect Your Walls

As previously mentioned, splashbacks are meant to be placed around the cooker’s perimeter. A solid glass backsplash is the best possible example of this. This is to protect the walls from stains and protect you from difficulty. Paintwork tends to get affected with constant wiping after cooking sessions and equally so when there are attempts to clean tough food stains.

Your Home and Kitchen Get More Value

No matter what kind of kitchen you have, glass splashbacks will stand the test of time. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, it contributes significantly to functionality. Glass is a fantastic low-maintenance, durable and versatile material. It also works wonders for a property’s overall value, which comes in handy if a need to sell arises.

Your Kitchen Ends Up Stylish and Gorgeous

Glass goes with any style your home is now and might be in the future. It reflects light wonderfully, instantly brightening any wall. It’s a fantastic, updated alternative to tiling, which was the traditional take on things. It is an excellent complement to any kitchen, whether industrial-themed, more on the modern minimalist type or even the standard contemporary kind.


The heart of any home is the kitchen, which is why it’s usually subject to renovations for constant improvement. Glass splashbacks are a great addition to any kitchen for many reasons. Walls are better protected, and kitchens end up stylish and gorgeous as a whole. Cleaning will be much easier, and more value is added to the kitchen and the home in general.

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