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5 Reasons to Get a Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Are you thinking about renovating the bathroom any time soon? Perhaps you’ve gone past the deliberation stage and are already mid-renovation! Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, there is no denying that function and design are two of the main priorities in designing a bathroom. One solution that caters to both is installing frameless glass shower doors, which is a sleek and minimalist design choice that will work with almost every bathroom.

Why Should I Choose Frameless?

Are you wondering why frameless is such a popular choice among homeowners? Aside from matching practically every design aesthetic, there are a few functional factors that come into play. Here are a few reasons to choose frameless glass shower doors:

1. Low Maintenance Cleaning

Anything low maintenance is always worth investing in. Homeowners love that these glass shower screens are easy to clean. All you need is a soft microfibre cloth and warm water to wipe it clean. Chemicals are not recommended since they can cause damage. 

2. Durable and Long-lasting 

Despite being glass, frameless glass shower doors are incredibly durable. These materials are continually being tested to make sure they can withstand wear and tear. When installed tightly and adequately, they can last practically as long as the rest of your house! 

3. Opens Up Your Bathroom Space

Bathrooms can appear smaller than they are with other screens like shower curtains. If the house is something you’re planning on selling or you’re a homeowner who doesn’t like the look and feel of a small space, then frameless glass shower doors are the answer to your dilemma. 

Glass doors will make a room look and feel bigger because of the transparent enclosure. They invite more light in, which can give your room a more organic flow. This can increase a house’s property value significantly. 

4. Custom-made 

Companies that make frameless glass shower doors like GlassFX will customise them to fit the shape of your bathroom’s dimensions. Tradespeople can work together with glass door designers to see how they fit in the design plan’s flow.

The good thing about getting custom fixtures is that it leaves you with many design choices that you otherwise would not have with pre-made designs. Instead of designing around something, it is best to have the option to scale it to fit into your vision.

5. Great Design

Besides being a functional, practical, and convenient fissure for your shower, glass doors fit in seamlessly to elegant and modern design styles. Old shower curtains seem to be a design choice of the past that was never really flattering to begin with. Glass doors that steam up when you shower, invite natural light into your bathroom, and can be easily wiped clean will undoubtedly be an upgrade! 


Frameless shower screens are a great addition to your bathroom projects. They can match almost every bathroom design and can be customised to fit nicely in the shower. Low maintenance and long shelf life are always a good perk for long-time investing in features in a house, so these are worth looking into.

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