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What You Should Know About the Stylish Glass Sheet Splashback

If you are thinking about upgrading your kitchen, you should seriously consider getting a new glass sheet kitchen splashback. This is all the rave today, especially among homeowners who like the idea of modern and fresh kitchens. 

Perhaps you are not that familiar with glass splashback. That’s perfectly fine because this article from GlassFX is all about this excellent option for kitchen splashback and why you should consider it:

What Is a Glass Sheet Splashback?

It is a sheet of glass painted in any colour and installed in your kitchen as a splashback. 

Why You Should Consider Getting a Glass Kitchen Splashback

Here are some of the best things about the glass sheet splashback that make it one of the best options for you:

It Can Be in Any Colour You Want

Established manufacturer of sheet glass GlassFX produces kiln-fired textured glass for the splashback and other products like shower screens and signages. Glass splashbacks can be in any hue, so you can match it with the colour scheme you already have going on in your kitchen. Because the colour is applied on the backside of the glass, you’ll have a flawless splashback that will last for years without fading. 

You can still choose to install clear glass on your painted wall but know that any dust, debris, or bugs that will be caught behind the glass will be visible. There’s no way for you to reach between the glass and the wall to remove it once the splashback is installed. 

It’s Requires Minimal Maintenance

One of the things homeowners love about glass sheet splashback is that they’re so easy to clean. Because there are no grout joints, you can easily wipe the entire surface in seconds, and it’s spotless again! It also means that no grout requires sealing. 

Additionally, because the glass sheet is smooth, there will be no accumulation of dirt and debris anywhere. That’s better than wood or metal splashback that usually has crevices and seams that are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mould, and mildew. Glass sheet splashback is the better choice if you want to prevent such risks to your family’s health. 

It Reflects Light

The glass reflects and refracts light naturally, so if you use this material for your splashback, the kitchen will instantly look brighter and more open. It could even give the illusion of a larger space. And best of all, it can provide more light to the cooking and prep area.

Is a Glass Sheet Splashback the Best Option for You?

If you want a modern look for your kitchen, a glass sheet splashback is perfect for you. It’s also for those who don’t like the idea of spending an hour or so just to get dirt and grime from their splashback because this material is so easy to clean and maintain. There will be no accumulation of dirt and growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria to worry about. The cost can be higher than most other materials, but with the benefits the glass sheet brings to the table, you won’t mind paying extra for it. 


There’s a reason so many designers and homeowners choose glass sheet splashback for their kitchens. The benefits are excellent, and it lasts for many years! It’s undoubtedly one of the best options for kitchen splashback materials available today. If you are still on the fence about it, you can contact one of the most trusted providers of glass sheet splashback in Australia. 

GlassFX is one of the best makers and installers of glass splashback in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We can install our high-quality glass products in new construction homes or renovations. Contact our team to find out more about our premium-quality glass sheet splashback!

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