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Design Pointers When Choosing Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Thanks to modern inventions, the few tiles that kept the stains, splashes and heat off kitchen walls have been upgraded into something better—glass splashbacks.

These are toughened glass that is about four to five times stronger than standard glass. And even when it breaks, it crushes into thousands of small, harmless pieces. What’s more, this highly protective glass splashback comes in different designs, shapes and looks that can fit the style of any home. 

If you’re looking to get new glass splashbacks, we’ve got design pointers to help you choose! Get an immaculate-looking kitchen splashback with the tips below.

What To Consider in a Glass Splashback

Before choosing a kitchen glass splashback, take your home’s overall style and design as your starting point. Use that to select from the list of coloured or printed glass splashbacks and more.

Here are some things to consider when choosing:

  • Style or preference
  • Design 
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Maintenance needs
  • Lifespan

Design Considerations

You have many options for a kitchen glass splashback as they come in various styles. These are the looks you can choose from: 

  • Printed Glass Splashback

This type of glass splashback allows you to take your favourite image, whether it’s a popular design or something from an online photo library, in your kitchen. You can provide the image yourself, so you have complete liberty at what you want your glass splashback to look like.

Digitally printed glass splashbacks offer added style and personality to any space. It can instantly upgrade a dull room into a work of art with your personal touch.

  • Textures and Finishes

Textures create unique perspectives of depth, colour and movement. It can look very classy and artistic when done right and is a stylish addition to your kitchen. There are three main categories of textures:

  1. Glossy glass with a high reflective quality
  2. Matted glass with a low reflective quality
  3. Frosted glass that blurs images but transmits light

Other than these, you have additional design options: laminated glass, pearled glass, liquid, brick and quartz. 

The Right Kitchen Plan

Once your home’s kitchen plan is finalised, the measurement and fabrication of your glass splashback begin. Remember that once the glass is measured and cut, you cannot make any changes. If you wish to have something altered, you’ll have no other option but to pay for another one to be made. 

So you must carefully decide the final plan and placement of your kitchen components. That should include your cabinetry, counter sockets, switches, hood, hob, backlighting and more. 

In addition, you should have already considered the amount of space between the countertops and the cabinetry you want covered before ordering the glass splashback. 


Glass splashbacks add a splash of colour and style to your kitchen. It also makes cleaning and maintenance easier compared with tiles. They create a bright, airy space that reflects light and feels very seamless to the sight. In addition, the versatility of the glass splashbacks means that it fits all types of homes and kitchen styles.

GlassFX specialises in domestic, commercial and architectural glass splashbacks in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We only use the highest quality glass available in Australia, toughened and manufactured to fit your kitchen. 

We produce glass splashbacks, signage, shower screens and more. Call us at 0438 640 541 to request a quote!

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