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Home Remodels: 3 Guidelines on Installing Kitchen Splashbacks

The kitchen is the easiest target for renovations since it’s the busiest part of the home. From handling frequent foot traffic to occasional drips, stains and cracks, kitchen areas endure a lot of damage. Since it goes through different kinds of trials, it also benefits from embracing different remodel designs.

How to decide on your kitchen splashback option

It’s common for homeowners to notice damage to their kitchens’ flooring, appliances and countertops since they’re easy to spot in their work areas. This is because you’re more likely to pay attention to what you can touch, hold or step on. However, that doesn’t mean these areas are the only ones prone to damage over time.

Kitchen splashbacks serve more than just an aesthetic complement to your kitchen’s interior design; it also protects the wall above and behind your workspaces, like sinks and cooktops. The dirt and stains from below these spaces can wear down your walls through food splatters, oil, and grease. Your choice of kitchen splashbacks serves a functional purpose to your kitchen’s longevity.

In this article, we’ll share three guidelines you should consider in curating an attractive kitchen splashback for your home.

1. Be bold in choosing colours

Choosing to go bold with your colours is an excellent way to highlight different sections in your kitchen. You can use coloured glass splashbacks to create an eye-catching finish. You can also use various materials like bleached wood or modern marble that come in numerous blends of organic shades to pair your cabinetry and appliances.

2. Embrace contrasts

It’s vital to stick to a theme to make interior design work. However, you can go the opposite route by embracing contrasts. You can use your kitchen’s current palette as a guide to picking contrasting colours that will make its different sections pop. Try blending the rustic exposed brick with an industrial and sleek glass splashback, or you can combine metallic cabinetry with rustic elements. Playing around with the textures in your kitchen can give you something surprisingly unique.

3. Follow your vertical and horizontal lines

Interior design elements build up to create lines from furnishing and appliances. It can be from your cabinet’s alignment on one edge to another or the crisscrossed pattern of your floor tiles. All of these geometric shapes trace together to give form and shape to your room.

Horizontal lines coordinated together will make a room appear more expansive. In contrast, vertical lines can make interiors appear taller or higher. When identifying your kitchen splashback options, check if they will contribute to your interior design’s overall collection of lines. Sometimes it’s advantageous to conform your splashback with your kitchen’s current setup. Inversely, it may be better to break away and introduce wild visual elements like organic shapes.


The best home remodels options give you the best value for your money in adding to your home’s visual appeal and functional design. While considering what your kitchen splashback should look like, you should also keep in mind what material will work best for your needs. Choosing a durable yet aesthetically appealing product is an excellent way to improve your kitchen in more ways than one.

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