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Choosing Between Tiled and Glass Kitchen Splashbacks: What to Know

Your kitchen is the heart of your home since it is the place you prepare your meals and enjoy them with your household. To ensure that it stays in good condition, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality kitchen splashback, which will protect your walls and fixtures from grease, sauces, and other particles of food. However, it has quickly evolved beyond its initially utilitarian purpose; it’s now used as a statement item that reflects your personal style in your kitchen.

Given the many interior design innovations in the past century, you can opt for various kitchen splashbacks, like stainless steel and acrylic. However, the top choices for Australians are tiled and glass splashbacks. Here’s what you need to know.

All About Tiled Splashbacks

Tiled splashbacks are a classic for a reason. They’re incredibly flexible, which means they can be cut to size and accommodate different stove sizes. They’re also a favourite of homeowners who love DIY kitchen projects. It can also fit various budgets since you can choose the tile you’d like for your splashback. There are plenty of beautiful tiles that you can buy at a low cost, along with ‘seconds’ at warehouses.

However, tiled splashbacks also have their disadvantages.  They’re difficult to maintain since the grouting between the tiles is a haven for bacteria, mould, and other harmful organisms that can make your kitchen dirty and grimy. If you’re opting for a more modern style, tiles may not be the right choice. Still, some tile options are trendy and can still offer you the look you want.

All About Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are an excellent choice for your kitchen. It’s also the one that’s in highest demand since they are sleek, easy to clean and maintain, and perfectly fit modern kitchens. It immediately adds an air of elegance to your kitchen while being sturdy enough to withstand the hectic activity that often occurs in this space.

There are different types of glass splashbacks you can purchase. Toughened glass resists even high temperatures, and if it breaks, it crumbles into small pieces instead of splintering into large fragments. You can also have them in solid colours or print to match your kitchen decoration better, which will be digitally applied to the glass’s back. Mirrored glass, which is smoky and reflective, is perfect for making your kitchen look larger and brighter.

However, glass splashbacks require more care to create, which is why they’re also more expensive than tiled splashbacks. Still, with all its benefits, they’re definitely worth the cost.

Which One Should You Choose?

Glass splashbacks are by far the best ones to use for your kitchen. It makes the space more radiant, stylish, and modern while being easy to clean and maintain. Although they need to be cleaned regularly, they have a much smaller chance of hosting harmful organisms that can threaten your health, unlike the mould that is often found in tiles. You can also have glass splashbacks designed in different colours and prints, ensuring you can match them to the rest of your kitchen.

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