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Debunking Myths About Glass Pool Safety Fencing

No matter how you look at it, placing glass fences around your swimming pool just looks astonishing. That clear-looking elegance just complements the glass-like beauty of the water in the pool. While glass balustrades may seem like the perfect choice in terms of aesthetics, many people are still sceptical about the safety of using those glass panels. Well, here’s a list of the myths and misconceptions that we try to debunk to ease those doubts about glass pool safety fences finally.

Myth #1: Glass Balustrades Shatter Easily

People always associate glass with something fragile and easy to break. While that is true for using it for kitchenware like plates and bottles, that’s simply not the case for glass fencing. When we talk about glass pool safety fences, we’re talking about panels made from toughened safety glass, which is far stronger and more durable than your regular glass material. Some glass balustrades are made with 10-12mm thick panels, making them even stronger and almost impervious to damage.

In short, glass balustrades are incredibly tough and extremely difficult to break. If there’s enough force to break it, they’re designed to break into small cubes rather than sharp jagged pieces for safety.

Myth #2: Glass Pool Fencing Is Inferior to Other Types of Fencing

Again, those generalisations about glass materials feed this misconception. Glass manufacturers can create highly durable panes of glass. They look elegant and stylish but are highly effective as barriers in almost any place. Glass fencing is the perfect solution for finding a balance between safety and visibility. If you want to monitor pool activity easier even when you’re outside the pool area, a glass balustrade would be the perfect barrier for that.

Myth #3: Glass Fencing Require Constant Cleaning

That’s far from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, glass fences require little to no maintenance at all. You only need to clean them thoroughly once every two to three months. You don’t even have to use some special cleaner to do that. Just get a bucket of warm water and liquid dish soap. That’s more than enough to clean all the glass and make it look amazing again. Most glass fencing also uses marine grade stainless steel hardware, which requires zero maintenance and is designed to resist corrosion. Unlike a traditional wood or metal fence, no repainting, replacement, or routine maintenance is needed for glass fencing.

Myth #4: Glass Fencing Isn’t Safe for Kids

A glass pool safety fence is called a “safety fence” for a reason. They may even be the perfect barrier solution for young children. It provides maximum protection without obstructing your view so that you can monitor your child. The smooth surface of the glass also makes it impossible for children to climb. Glass pool fencing meets all state safety code requirements and is perfectly safe for children and adults. 


Few people can deny the beauty and elegance of a well-built glass fence. It’s one of the sleekest and most polished-looking barrier solutions you could ever put around a pool area, and it’s perfectly safe and durable.

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