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Things to Consider When Choosing a Glass Splashback

A splashback is an excellent addition to your home. Aside from providing flair and style, it can also offer great functionality, especially when placed in the kitchen. They are convenient when it comes to protecting surfaces from heat and damage. There are different types of splashback materials you can use, and one of them is the glass splashback. 

A glass splashback offers a seamless and clean design, perfect if you are aiming for a minimalist interior layout. It also provides an additional light through reflection in your kitchen, giving a fresh and light ambience. No wonder many homeowners in the Sunshine Coast choose glass splashbacks for their homes. If you also want to have glass splashback, here are some of the things you should consider when selecting one: 

1. Consider the Location Where You Will Place It

The first thing you must think about is where you will place your glass splashback because the size will depend. Once you know where you will install it in your kitchen, you can ask your glass splashback supplier to customise your glass order according to the measurement where you will place it.  A glass splashback should be measured and cut precisely. This way, you can avoid any issues with fitting, especially if there are complicated spaces that need to be considered in the area, like an electrical setup. 

2. Consider the Design of Your Glass Splashback

One of the benefits of having a glass splashback is choosing a unique design to display. You have the freedom to put your artwork or photographs behind the splashback, which can serve as an accent wall in your kitchen. You can even choose from sparkle and metallic effects to give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind look. 

3. Consider the Colour of Your Glass Splashback

Another thing you must consider before choosing a glass splashback is the colour. As you know, there’s an unlimited colour range you can choose from in a glass splashback. When selecting a colour, make sure that it will complement the existing design of your kitchen. You might want to consider choosing a colour that will not look outdated even in a year or so. You can seek help from your glass splashback manufacturer or house designer, which colour fits best with your kitchen’s design.

4. Consider the Power Points in the Location Where You Will Install It

One of the considerations you have to keep in mind is the power points. Since all modern kitchens have electrical outlets, it may interfere with the glass splashback installation. So, you need to give a heads up with your glass splashback manufacturer before they proceed with the installation to cut the glass to accommodate the sockets. Doing this will reduce work and time because the installers can easily place the glass without any hassle. 


A glass splashback is a great option if you want to spruce up your kitchen. However, you need to consider these things first so that you can find the perfect glass for your kitchen. Once you find the perfect glass, you can expect that your kitchen will look more striking and modern. Not to mention that glass splashback is easier to maintain as well, so you wouldn’t have any problem keeping your kitchen clean and on point. 

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