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Australia’s Hard Water Problem and Its Effect on Shower Glass

Water is such a ubiquitous resource that we often don’t realise how much we use it. Whether it’s for drinking, showering, cooking, or watering plants, this resource has different properties despite having a similar appearance. The water you use for drinking isn’t identical to the one that comes out of your garden hose, and some people have issues with glass staining despite efforts to keep it clean. 

Glass is easy to clean, but any chemicals or contaminants applied to it can quickly change its properties. If you’ve ever seen an old window, you might have seen its glass looking dirty because of watermarks from rain. This instance is the same when you have glass shower enclosures, and you notice that uncleanable marks are appearing on the panes. Here’s how these watermarks happen and what you need to know about the type of water running through your pipes:

About Hard Water in Australia

Water quality varies depending on where you live, and many factors play into the cleanliness of the source. You might notice that big cities have potable water from the sink and why some areas might have a taste or smell in their water. Cities have treatment plants that add various chemicals to the water to ensure that they are clean for consumption, and those further away might have lower quality liquids that have a flavour. 

Hard water is defined as water with high amounts of minerals found in its composition. These can come from things like rocks, pipes, and other treatment methods. The minerals can include magnesium, lime, or calcium depending on where you live, contributing to the liquids’ distinct taste and smell. Australia is known for its large selection of natural resources, and the minerals found in the rocks and earth contribute to the hard water properties in people’s homes. 

Conversely, soft water is a different set of problems, as this has high sodium contents, which cannot be removed by water softening products. Shower water can benefit from soft variants, but it might taste salty and be bad for your kidneys if consumed. Furthermore, sodium will also leave marks on your shower glass panel products, which means you’ll have to weigh your options carefully. 

Solving Staining on Glass Shower Enclosures

If your shower glass panel has developed some watermarks and other film-like dirt substances, this can indicate high mineral content in the water. While experts recommend wiping down glass shower enclosures after each shower, not everyone has the time for that, especially those rushing to work in the morning. 

Cleaning your shower doors and panes requires unique solutions such as lime or calcium removing sprays, which is applied then wiped down. Avoid using soap and water, as these products might stain the glass shower enclosures instead of making things more transparent. 

Depending on the nature of your shower panels, they might have fresh spots or more stubborn ones. New marks can be removed quickly using dryer sheets, which remove calcium stains and prevent scratching the glass. A lemon juice spray can remove stubborn stains that have been neglected for a long time as a first coat. Afterwards, spray a vinegar and baking soda solution and rub with a soft cloth or sponge to improve your glass shower enclosure’s appearance. 

Immediately cleaning the glass after every use is still the best way to prevent stains from appearing. Buy a squeegee that can wipe the panes of your shower glass panel enclosures dry of water droplets and invest in water softener methods to reduce staining. Additionally, you can invest in glass screens to protect the enclosures and prevent water from sticking. A hydrophobic film to coat the shower glass will make water droplets simply roll off the panes and onto your shower floor. 


Hard water can be an issue in Australia, as the major cities’ environment is filled with minerals and natural resources. While these liquids have to be treated to be potable, they might also have staining properties on glass shower enclosures and other products. Consider your water quality and invest in the right products to ensure that your panes stay clear and crisp. 

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