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Great Ways to Use a Glass Backsplash to Update Your Kitchen

If you’re looking into getting a splashback for your kitchen, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. There’s always paint and wallpaper, but you can also look into materials like bricks, ceramic tiles, marble, metal, mosaic stones, and even wood. One of the other choices available to you is glass. Glass is toughened to the Australian Standards which means it can resist heat up to around 300 degrees. Also glass splashbacks comply with all Australian Building Regulations.

Glass splashbacks 

The reality is, glass is really popular compared to other materials. Glass is stunning, so those who make that choice don’t regret it. Contemporary and modern kitchens benefit greatly from getting a glass splashback as a feature.

 There are quite a few benefits to getting a glass splashback, starting with how it looks. Glass splashbacks are well-loved by those who get them for their Kitchens, Laundries, Bathrooms or Bar Areas in their homes. They’re also quite adaptable because it’s not just contemporary or modern kitchens that can benefit from them. There are multiple colours, shapes, sizes and textures that you can choose from, too.

Any stains that might get on your walls can be caught by a glass splashback, which means they help prevent your kitchen from getting dirty in general. Keeping a kitchen clean is key in maintaining its beauty and keeping your culinary space safe.

Layout Ideas 

There are several ways that a glass splashback can highlight the layout of your kitchen, such as:

Accent Wall – A style choice that some people make for their kitchens is getting an accent wall. This is beautiful for a number of reasons. More than anything, however, parts of it can be framed, like the splashback.

A Pop of Color – Going with a Digital Printed glass splashback is an exquisite choice to make. If you’re looking to get a design in your kitchen there are 1000’s of options available. We can use an image you may have or choose from our range of images which is very extensive. 

Colour Match – Whatever colours your cabinets are, why not get your glass splashback in a matching colour? When you go that route, you’ll have a beautifully seamless transition. That will give your kitchen an even cleaner look.

Go Large – Glass splashbacks are lovely as they are, but when they’re big, things look even better. Some kitchens have the splashbacks stretching across more than one wall. It’s another way to create a beautiful transition, especially around corners. 

Play With Texture – Glass splashbacks offer a texture that can better accentuate your overall kitchen style. A good way of doing that is to have wooden surfaces in your kitchen, like the cabinets and drawers. The splashbacks texture will lead it to stand out beautifully against the wood.


Getting a glass splashback is a modern & popular choice for todays kitchens. A painted or Image Printed  glass splashback, in particular, makes it even more versatile than it already is. While it’s usually contemporary or modern kitchens that are known to benefit from a splashback, it can actually go in any type of kitchen. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen’s look and cleanliness, using glass splashback is the way to go. 

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