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A Homeowner’s Guide to Picking Kitchen Glass Splashback Colours

After sifting through the online boards and magazines and finding different available options in the market, you realise that now is finally the time to get a glass splashback for your kitchen. 

Today, the idea of getting a glass splashback has become far more attractive than ever because of the amazing products and offerings that manufacturers produce. Whether you’ve got a small kitchen that needs some TLC or a big cooking space that’s looking to get its final finish done, there’s no doubt that getting the upgrade will always be a good idea.

By now, you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time going through the amazing possibilities that can be achieved with a stunning glass splashback—such as those that Glass FX provides. Yet, there’s just one matter that isn’t as easy to spot or obvious as everything else: Choosing the right colour for your kitchen.

Why does colour matter? 

Sure, it may seem menial compared to factors like material quality and size, but the truth is that your splashback’s colour will make a bigger difference than any other factor.

You see, the colour of your splashback leverages a significant effect that can make or break the overall look and feel of your kitchen. As the colour technology that today’s businesses use grows even more advanced and intense than ever before, it’s safe to say that your tint and shade choices are not to be taken lightly.

A few tips to help you make the perfect choice

Once you focus on buying a glass splashback for your kitchen and choosing the right colour to work with, you’ll quickly realise how difficult things can be when you look at the points to consider. Although it may be understandable to fret over the importance of choosing an option that doesn’t lose its appeal over time, there’s no need to worry because these tips can make the process easier:

  1. Always consider complementary colours

    While there are more than 16 million colours to choose when picking glass for your kitchen, it’s important to remember that the easiest choices will always lie in the list of complementary ones to the rest of the space.

    In interior designing, choosing a splashback (or any fixture) colour that’s complementary to that of the rest of the space is like breathing air because it will always make sense. For instance, if you have a black wall, then a white splashback will always be a great option to consider. On the contrary, having a pink glass option won’t make sense if your walls are sapphire blue!

  2. Consult with an expert

    Often, having an easy experience with making any big decision will always be remedied by leaving it to an expert’s care, and picking a glass splashback colour is no exception.

    When you find yourself at a crossroads, where you have a ton of colours to choose from but no idea what to settle on, it helps to have a fresh set of eyes that are trained to spot opportunities that you won’t see at all. For instance, enlisting Glass FX’s design experts’ services will make the selection process much easier because we have the experience and training to point you in the right direction of options that make sense for your space!


Choosing the perfect colour for your kitchen’s glass splashback, as menial as it seems, is a process that can be quite difficult to deal with because of all the different possibilities that are up for consideration. Through the help of the two tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to end up with the best shade that will bring the best out of your space once everything is set in place!

If you need glass splashbacks in Brisbane for your kitchen transformation project, Glass FX has what you’re looking for. We produce products in a range of styles using the latest technology in paints and digital printing – get in touch with us today to learn more about our products and services!

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