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5 Reasons to Install Frameless Shower Screens in Your Bathroom

Are you trying to renovate your bathroom? It’s essential to understand that there’s a lot of planning to be done if you want to ensure your bathroom transforms into something you like. Whether it be a simple replacement of the lights down to an overhaul of the tiles, some form of planning and researching is vital to ensure success.

That being said, if you are going to renovate your shower screens, we highly recommend going for frameless shower screens. Its clean, minimalist looks can fit any modern, even rustic, bathroom look and also help to add the illusion of more space that so many homeowners love.

With that in mind, here are a few other reasons you should plan to include frameless shower screens for your bathroom renovation project:

1. Simple to Install

Knowing that many renovation projects can take a long time to complete, many homeowners want a solution that’s usually quick and easy to cut down on that time as much as possible. Fortunately, frameless shower screens are easy to install and even more accessible than framed ones. That’s because there’s no need for any kind of bolting or fitting to install a frameless system.

2. Easy to Maintain

With no frames to deal with, a frameless system is much easier to clean. This is because there aren’t many nooks and crannies for any type of grime or soap scum to accumulate. However, even if there are any accumulations on the screen itself, a simple wash with a glass cleaner is enough to restore the screen to its former glory once more.

3. Boasts a Long Lifespan

One might believe that frameless designs are prone to much more damage. This is because, without a frame, there’s a lack of support, right? This isn’t the case. A frameless design has fewer separate parts in its system, meaning that far fewer things can go wrong. If a problem does occur, it is also easily fixed, even with third-party solutions. In other words, not only is a frameless shower screen more durable, but it can also be easier to repair.

4. Creates a Spacious Look

Thanks to the lack of obstructions, a fully transparent frameless design help to create the illusion of spacious looks. This is because the light can travel further without getting stopped halfway before it is reflected into our eyes, giving the sense of depth that a framed shower screen fails to achieve.

5. Safer Than Glass Screens

One might believe that a frameless design is less safe than its framed counterparts. However, frameless designs generally come with a lot thicker glass and usually use tempered glass. This type of glass is astoundingly durable and robust, meaning it can withstand plenty of impacts. If it were ever to shatter, it would shatter into tiny shards to reduce the risk of further injury to any victims caught in it. 


Everything stated above are excellent reasons to invest in a frameless shower screen. There are many more reasons you can think of, such as picking a design that looks luxurious or simply picking the frameless design for the sake of its versatility.

Regardless, if you do not have a frameless shower screen in your bathroom and consider what to renovate, consider doing this. It’ll seriously add some spice and excitement to your bathroom, and you will appreciate all the benefits it has to offer to your showering experience.

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