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5 Reasons to Install Glass Balustrades on Your Property

Balustrades are used in many properties for safety and security. Usually installed on balconies, stairs, and the like, they provide a place for people to hold onto and keep them safe from falling. However, balustrades are not just for safety purposes. They can also be a great way to enhance the aesthetics of a property. With various types of balustrades available, virtually any design can be achieved. 

That being said, among the best types of balustrades you can implement in your property are glass balustrades for safety and aesthetic purposes. Other than that, there are many different reasons you should seriously consider glass balustrades.

1. Allows light to enter

Glass is transparent, meaning that light can easily shine through it. This is a great way to ensure that plenty of light can still enter a property and that the light within the building is not blocked in any way. This also helps create an open and airy feel to the environment, perfect for modern styles.  

2. Durable and safe

Glass might be the last thing on your mind when you think of the word durable and safe. After all, glass can shatter. However, thanks to technology, glass today can be built to be extremely durable and safe to use. Take tempered glass, for example. These types of glass are built to block bullets, meaning that you can rely on their strength as a balustrade material. To add to this, if the glass does shatter, it will break into tiny pieces that are not sharp, posing little to no risk to those that may be near the accident.

3. Easy to maintain 

Glass balustrades look fantastic, but what makes them even better is that they can be easily maintained to stay that way. All you need to maintain glass balustrades is a glass-cleaning solution and a lint-free cloth. With that, a simple wipe can leave your balustrades looking as good as new. If your balustrades get scratched, a simple polishing job will get them back to their former glory.

4. Fits any design

Whatever design you have in your house, glass balustrades are going to be right at home. From contemporary styles to rustic aesthetics, glass balustrades enhance the best of any design your property has to offer. Also, implementing them with other materials like metal or wood will work. Glass has no favourites and works well with everything. 

5. Creates “space”

While glass balustrades will not magically make a small room large, it does create the illusion of it. As mentioned earlier, thanks to their transparency, light can easily pass through to create that open and airy look. This is something other materials, like metal or wood, cannot achieve since they block light completely.  


Glass balustrades are one of the best types of balustrades you can ever have on your property. They are safe, strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, all the hallmarks of an excellent feature in any property.

That being said, understand that there are many designs within glass balustrades, and if you want the perfect fit, take the time to consider your options. Compare each option’s costs, quality, and aesthetics, and pick one that brings you the best bang for your buck! Also, consider working with professionals to have them installed. That way, they can last for years and serve their purpose to create a safe environment.

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