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How Clean Glass Balustrades Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

If you’ve been thinking of more ways to make your home look more luxurious, consider adding glass balustrades. It is a rail used on porches, balconies, and even terraces to create an elegant yet safe barrier. You can use a glass balustrade inside or outside your home to infuse your home with more style without sacrificing function.

Glass balustrades offer a home more than aesthetics. They’re sturdy and do a great job of protecting a space while looking classy and sophisticated. Here’s what you need to know about glass balustrades and all the benefits they have to offer:

How Glass Balustrades Improve Your Home

Glass balustrades significantly contribute to making a home more luxurious. Here are the different ways they achieve this:

1. They Make Your Home Safer

Glass balustrades are a great way to keep your home more secure. Regardless of where you install them, they do an excellent job of protecting a space while looking delicate and elegant. Glass is also strong, acting as a reliable safety barrier to prevent you from falling over your balcony, terrace, or stairs.

2. They Create the Illusion of Extra Space

Another perk of glass balustrades is that they have the unique power of creating the illusion of extra space in your home since they enlarge areas and make them look bigger. They also function as transparent barriers, ensuring your home’s true beauty is on display at all times.

3. They Illuminate Your Space

Since glass balustrades are transparent, they allow natural light to go through them quickly, making your space brighter than before. Adding them to an area will make it look more vibrant and radiant without adding blinding lights. 

4. They’re Easy to Maintain

Lastly, glass balustrades are easy to maintain, requiring only occasional cleaning to look its best. Metal or wood balustrades are notoriously more complex to maintain and clean, so opting for glass balustrades will reduce your long list of chores.

Cleaning Your Glass Balustrade

While glass balustrades don’t require constant cleaning, they’re prone to hand smudges and smears of dirt. The good news is that they’re easy to clean, as all you need is soapy water. Gather some lukewarm water, dishwashing liquid, and a lint-free cloth, then dip the cloth in the soapy mixture to clean the balustrade. Wipe in a clockwise direction, and if there is any soapy residue, just apply more water.

If you spot undesirable water streaks on your balustrade, you can use a squeegee to clear the marks. Be sure to avoid cleaning your glass balustrade on hot, sunny days, as the soapy water will evaporate faster and leave watermarks on your glass. 

Protecting Your Glass Balustrade

Glass is gorgeous and sturdy, but you’ll also want to protect it. Proper cleaning will help it maintain its look and stay strong while allowing you to inspect it closely for damages. You may see slight damages, nicks, or marks, which you can quickly repair. However, if you see cracks, you’ll want to call a professional to address the problem before it worsens. If you leave this untreated, the damage can progress into untreatable territory, potentially requiring a total replacement of your glass balustrade.


Glass balustrades are made of thick, robust and beautiful glass that serve as a reliable safety barrier in your home. They can instantly make a space more luxurious while low maintenance, a rare combination you can’t find anywhere else. By adding glass balustrades to your home, you’ll enjoy a modern, sophisticated interior like never before.

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