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5 Brilliant Tips to Make Your Tiny Kitchen Look Bigger

There’s no reason why a tiny kitchen can’t be stylish and seem larger than it is. Any small kitchen can seem spacious with a few easy design techniques.

London, New York and Paris have some of the world’s most beautiful kitchens, combining fashionable city living with clever space-saving solutions.

These simple tips won’t increase your workspace, but they will make your small kitchen seem larger, brighter and lighter.

1. Change the Color Scheme

Changing the colour of your kitchen is an easy, low-cost way to make a room seem larger instantly. White kitchens are trendy and visually open up a room.

Small kitchens can only handle so much drama and bright colour. Instead, go for light-coloured walls, cabinets and counters. A lighter colour palette can help open up your area, make it seem brighter, and appear larger.

For these reasons, all-white kitchens are popular. Even if you don’t like white, being consistent with colour (sticking to one) may change your kitchen. How? No colour blocking your tiny kitchen creates clean lines and less visual disturbance, creating the appearance of a larger area.

2. Use Wide Tiles and Reflective Splashbacks

Do you realise that horizontal stripes may make you seem wider? It’s the same for your kitchen tiles.

They may have a subtle but significant impact on our perception of a space. Using broad tiles piled horizontally may make even the tiniest kitchen seem larger.

Consider your tile’s pattern as well. Striped tiles may make a room seem smaller, while plain or grooved tiles can assist create a sense of space.

Reflective splashbacks may also help make your kitchen seem larger than it is. Small kitchens need large floor tiles (600mm x 600mm). Avoid narrow or tiny floor tiles.

The larger tile creates a contemporary seamless appearance (no grout lines) and the illusion of a greater area in tiny places. The less visual clutter you generate, the better.

3. Add More Natural Light

The addition of natural light to a tiny kitchen can make it seem larger. Remove any shades and drapes from the windows and keep them plain.

If your tiny kitchen has a window, be sure nothing outside is obstructing the light. Working with natural light is a simple method to make a small room seem larger.

A skylight may bring natural light into a windowless or poorly lit kitchen, making it seem brighter and lighter during the day and may also cut your reliance on electricity.

4. Choose a Minimalist Design

Modern kitchens with a minimalist style provide the appearance of a bigger room. Prevent elaborate, excessively ornamental elements and keep the overall appearance simple for better sightlines and a more spacious impression.

The kitchen will seem crowded and tiny if you don’t have enough room for all your items.

Make it a habit to keep kitchen surfaces clean and store everything in its place. That is, declutter. This single step can immediately clean, lighten and expand your room.

5. Use Mirrors or Glass Splashbacks

Mirrors are often used to create the illusion of greater space. Most people only use them in the bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

The effect of adding mirrors behind counters in your kitchen will astound you. For example, a large mirror across a wall looks great with a table or other furniture in front of it.

Using mirrored splashbacks and reflecting surfaces elsewhere creates a similar effect, although on a smaller scale.

Although more costly than tiling, a glass backsplash may provide a contemporary, glossy, clean and bright appearance in your tiny kitchen. A glass backsplash also removes grout lines that visually divide your area. Choose a light-coloured glass.

Adding to the value of your house is a new glass backsplash, which is simple to maintain and comes in a variety of stunning hues. Painting painted glass splashbacks are our specialty at GlassFX.


It is feasible to make even a tiny kitchen seem much larger than it is by using light, colour, and careful furnishings.

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