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6 Reasons Glass Splashback Is a Good Choice for Your Kitchen

It doesn’t matter whether you’re remodelling your kitchen or building one from the ground up. Kitchen splashbacks can instantly lend style and character to your kitchen and can complete the look of your space. This is why many homeowners have been running after this product over recent years.

You can choose several materials if you want to beautify that wall above your sink and countertops. You can go with ceramic tiles, metal, marble, granite, and more. But if you want an appeal that doesn’t fade through the years, go for glass splashbacks.

Here are six reasons glass tiles are an excellent choice for glass splashbacks:

1. They Are Eco-Friendly

If you are making some steps towards achieving a “green” home, then you can’t go wrong with a glass splashback. Most of the time, the material used for glass tiles is recycled. This means that if you decide that you want to replace them in the future, the glass tiles will likely still be recycled. Additionally, you can save money on your utility bills when installing this type of splashback on your kitchen wall because of glass’ insulation properties!

2. They Are Easy to Maintain

You know that your splashback will be exposed to all sorts of food, beverages, and sauces. But the good thing about glass is that it won’t absorb any of those “splashes.” As such, you can keep your glass splashbacks clean and fresh by simply wiping the surface off with a damp cloth after you cook. If there’s any buildup, it can be quickly removed by dipping your wiping cloth in warm water with soap and rubbing the buildup of the glass splashbacks.

3. They Are Mould and Mildew-Resistant

Other splashback materials, such as metal and wood, have crevices that make them an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mould and mildew. On the other hand, Glass does not hold germs and bacteria, nor is it prone to mould and mildew. This means that you won’t have to worry about these harmful things to your family’s health.

4. They Can Make the Kitchen Look Brighter

If you want to make your kitchen appear larger and brighter than it is, you should choose glass r splashbacks. Because of its reflective properties, it will provide additional light, and no matter what colour the glass is, they won’t darken the space where you cook. In the end, you won’t have to turn on all the lights just to make sure you perfectly cook your meals!

5. There Are Lots of Design Options

Glass kitchen splashbacks typically come in a variety of styles and designs. You can choose one solid colour or go for a combination of colours to get a mosaic-like appeal. You can even get ones with gorgeous patterns that will quickly differentiate your home from your neighbours.

You can have painted glass splashbacks or have digitally-printed images on your glass like what Glass FX offers. You might even want to consider combining glass with other splashback materials like metal to achieve a truly unique look.

6. They Are Highly Durable

Keep in mind that quality glass splashbacks are durable. They can resist heat, and they won’t warp, change colour, or crack easily. You wouldn’t even have to worry about glass being fragile because they can handle just about anything!


If you want to achieve an elegant looking kitchen, consider getting glass splashbacks. They’re durable, eco-friendly, easy to maintain, mould-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. In the end, everything you could want from a kitchen splashback is what you can get from glass!

Glass FX is one of the best sources for top quality glass splashbacks in Brisbane. Our employees are experts in painted glass splashbacks. We ensure that you get the highest level of quality in every glass panel we install on your wall. Contact us today to learn more about our products!

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