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5 Reasons You Should Have a Glass Splashback in Your Kitchen

Glass splashbacks have both an aesthetic and functional purpose in a kitchen. They protect your walls while you cook and also serve as a decorative accent. If you are considering installing a splashback in your kitchen, but aren’t sure if you should, here are a few things you must know before finalising your purchase.

Glass Splashbacks Are Fit For Modern Homes

The high-gloss surface of a glass splashback is a great contrast to the matte finish of walls in modern or contemporary builds. If you have a rustic aesthetic or a traditional home, this might not be the best option for you. However, a home with a vintage design can still successfully use glass splashbacks. Ask your supplier or designer how to go about this.

Glass Splashbacks Come In Various Colours And Patterns

There is a wide range of shades and patterns of glass splashbacks. Instead of just plain glass or a solid colour, you can have one in an attractive, complementary pattern to your kitchen counters or cabinets’ colours. For example, if you have plain white doors, you can use a bold abstract print on your splashback.

Glass Splashbacks Are Easy To Clean

High-quality glass splashbacks are incredibly easy to clean. Grease stains and food splatters on walls will be a thing of the past once you install a splashback. All you need for cleaning it is a damp cloth, warm water, and mild soap. If you have a glass splashback, you’ll spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying your kitchen!

Glass Splashbacks Reflect Light Into The Room

Glass splashbacks are great for kitchens in apartments, townhouses, and micro homes since this kind of wall fixture can make your room look bigger. Since glass is highly reflective, it brings more light into an area and creates the illusion that you have a more spacious kitchen. If your kitchen has no windows or few light sources, a glass splashback will reflect light and make your kitchen feel open. In contrast, a stone splashback can make your kitchen appear closed and opaque.

Glass Splashbacks Can Scratch Easily

A downside to having a glass splashback is that it scratches easily. You need to be careful, especially if you have a solid-colour surface since the scratches will show easily on these. You should not worry about it, though; if you clean your splashback carefully, it will be unlikely to scratch. Also, since you won’t be chopping on this surface, it is unlikely that your glass fixtures will make contact with sharp or abrasive objects. Apart from this, though, there is no real danger of damaging your glass splashbacks if you only use your kitchen for everyday cooking tasks.


Glass splashbacks are a great addition to any kitchen. Aside from keeping your walls free from cooking-related stains, it can be aesthetically pleasing. A glass splashback makes your room look spacious and can serve as the focal point in a small kitchen. When you decide to have one installed, choose a splashback provider who can genuinely help your kitchen shine. Don’t settle for less!

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