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5 Excellent Reasons to Opt for Frameless Shower Screens

The world of shower screens has endless options in terms of utility and design. This means that there will be a perfect shower screen for you, given that you can find it. Unfortunately, that is the real challenge.

It is not easy to compare different options, especially if you do not have physical access to them. Fortunately, if you are looking for a shower screen that is exceptionally durable, easy to maintain, and features a modern design, we have the right solution for you: frameless shower screens. 

Here are the reasons you should choose frameless shower screens for your next shower upgrade:

1. Easy to install

If you are looking for an easy-to-install shower screen solution for a DIY project, frameless shower screens are a great option. They are a perfect choice, even if you are working with a contractor. The biggest reason they are easy to install is that, as the name implies, there are no frames to deal with. All you need to do is implement the right fixtures, and you can install your new screen quickly.

2. Looks modern

The seamless look of frameless shower screens gives them a modern appearance that not many other options can achieve. The glass can also be made to have different colours and textures to blend specifically with any style you have in mind. You can even choose the type of door, whether a folding one or sliding version. This modern addition to your bathroom can satisfy any aesthetic need while still offering maximum functionality for an excellent showering experience.

3. Maximizes space

Because of their frameless design, frameless shower screens can make your bathroom look larger than it is. This is because there will not be anything obstructing the light from passing through the panels. This also means that they are sleek, perfect for modern aesthetics. As such, if you are dealing with a small bathroom and want to keep it looking spacy, frameless shower screens are the way to go.

4. Lasts a long time

You may think that because frameless shower screens are made of glass, they are prone to breaking or shattering. This is not the case. The glass used in these fixtures is extremely tough and extremely resistant to scratches and shattering. Pair that with a good maintenance routine, your frameless shower screen is going to last an extremely long time. In fact, it might only need replacing when you want a new design.

5. Simple to maintain

Speaking of good maintenance, cleaning a frameless shower screen is incredibly simple. Simply wipe away any stains and grime, and you will be good to go! The way to clean the fixture is the same as you would clean any other normal window. That said, the hinges and other pieces of hardware will need a bit of cleaning and occasional replacement, but those are also easy to address.


All in all, frameless shower screens are pretty much perfect for any bathroom. They are timeless in design and extremely functional, making them a perfect upgrade. Finally, they are easy to customize, meaning that they can be made to fit and satisfy any specific requirements you may have. Treat yourself today to a wonderful showering experience and install a frameless shower screen!

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